Friday, April 11, 2014

Spiritual Warfare (Updated)

We are in serious spiritual warfare.

We are working to put Buddy's mom on Nedley's program here at our house. Vanessa told her today was her last chance for a smoke before she comes here. It will be diet and exercise and prayer and Scriptures... so long as she is still willing. Vanessa stayed with her last night and drug her out of bed this morning. 

Much prayer is needed.

James was violent this morning. My back up was slow to get here. I had him locked out of the house and he beat on the door and destroyed the wreath and tried to break the window. When the principal and vice-principal arrived he locked himself in the garage. I went around through the back door and when I got close to the door to unlock it he slapped me hard.

This kid.

He can be so sweet and he can be a real mom's boy. But he can be mean and looking to hurt someone.

Something snaps. First he was passive aggressive and it became pure stubbornness and refusing to get on the bus. When I took action to call for help  he came unglued.

He is in in-school suspension. He's in the principal's office ALL day. No recess, no lunch room, no classroom fun. Just his schoolwork and him and the principal.

After he was gone I smacked my head on the door frame of the van.   I just sat down and had myself a good cry!

I'm asking DSHS to move faster on the boy's move. I told the placement lady to look for a family that might be interested in adoption because I don't see good things happening at all.

Christina called me crying. Her brand new phone is smashed.

**** I have arranged for respite for the weekend for James.  I have packed his suitcase and put it in the van. When he arrives home he can just  get in the van. We'll talk about on the way there. He'll be good for Peggy and Lui. It's quiet at their house.


Ruth Ann said...

((hugs)) I have one who went through an aggressive stage. We had some tools that helped him overcome and he is a sweet child now. But I know you have tried so many things and if the child has no desire to change then no tools will work.

Michelle said...

praying! Your son sounds so much like the son we adopted years ago whos grown now. Such a hard thing to go through!!

acceptance with joy said...

Please share with me what worked with your child, Ruth Ann. I would love to discuss with you ideas...

Ruth Ann said...

I emailed you...

Julie said...

It's a great thing the men from the school are willing to come and get him and it's obvious their opinion carries great weight with him so I am going to pray and believe that they are going to help him make the connections that require him to move beyond this response.

I will be praying for Buddy's Mom. I'm so pulling for her!! I hope they find someone for the boys that is as committed to their wellness as you have been the twins. They will need a hero to step in to love them but to know it's going to possibly be a long hard road.