Friday, June 7, 2013


The yard sale is over. Didn't make millions but I did manage to get rid of a lot of stuff. I am so not a business woman. I would rather give everything away. I gave away a lot. At the end I was packing up and two ladies showed up. I told them they could take whatever they wanted. They took 4 box loads and handed me $35 on their way out so I guess people don't mind paying for their finds.

The trailer is loaded with the left overs and on it's way to the Sally Anne. YAY!

I also broke/sprained my big toe, or at least turned it black and blue. HURTS!

Steve doubled yesterday's progress on the flooring.

** The babies are up to a two night weekend visit with their mother now, so that means they are out of the mess for a few days.  That gives us a little time to make a dent towards progress. It's looking positive that they will go home for good July 3. I might actually have a little more trouble giving up the Duckling this time around... He's absolutely the funniest, most adorable, silly little boy ever and he's totally attached. to. me. Good thing he loves his mommy, too.

I took Buddy to a friend's Audiology clinic. I am starting to get concerned about his speech. His one year old brother speaks more clearly than he does. Sure enough... he talks like he's underwater because he hears like he's under water. Poor kid. He rattles off these long sentences that one rarely understands. If you listen close you can figure out what he is saying, but it's tough.

Buddy's family is going with us to Campmeeting. Looking forward to it.

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