Monday, June 3, 2013

Counting Our Blessings! {Flooded Basement}

A few days ago we bought a tent trailer. We are excited about the possibilities and we have campmeetings and camping planned, but we didn't know we would need to use it so soon. The basement flooded.... Backed up sewage!! Seems maybe we have a LOT of people in one house and there's a little rebelling going on down in the sewer pipes.

Missy came upstairs and said, "Someone spilled water on the floor and my socks are wet." James came up and said the same thing and I never thought anything of it.... Until Brianna noticed it was more than a little water on the floor.

So, most everybody slept in the tent trailer last night as the house roars with restoration equipment.

Would you believe it, the little boys' family is in the Fire/Water/Smoke restoration business! They are professionals. Buddy's mom called about the time the issue was discovered and she called her mom and they came right over and helped us figure out the problem and the damage.

The mess was mostly "grey water",  I think.

Buddy's dad is a plumber. He came over and made sure there was no blockage between the upstairs and downstairs....

Then Grandma put us to work. She said EVERYTHING had to be out of the closets and bathroom and hallway. Steve came home early and set to work. They took the baseboards off.... ripped the carpet out, set up their fans, and that massive dehumidifier...

It's a blessing to have the right people in your lives to help.

I'll take the whole experience as a blessing in disguise. ALL that stuff we hauled out of the closets - save the camping gear, will not be going back in. We are having a yard sale. This is Declutter Maxima!

That ugly blue carpet we thought we could not afford to replace..... gone. :-) Too bad it didn't affect the bedrooms.

The funny thing is we were all prepared to lay laminate flooring upstairs this week. Except the bedrooms, the whole house gets updated floors. When you pull up old carpet you find out what nasty stuff it is. Gross.

The twins start swimming lessons today in preparation for the swim team tryouts. I hope they make it. The daily discipline of swimming for strength and skill would be so very good for them. Missy has a good chance. James.... he can do it if he puts his mind to it and past his petty fears. I was not even going to have him try, but then Peyton and Grace and Buddy's brother and sister are doing it and he decided to jump on the bandwagon. I just know he is going to hate the cold of early morning swimming, but I know how good this will be for him, as well.


Jenny said...

Ooh. Sorry about the sewage backup. Swim team has been great for my girls. It is amazing what it has done for their confidence and their physical strength. I hope it works well for you kids also.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Sorry for the mess, but in the end I'm sure it will bring beauty and the joy of uncluttering.

We LOVE our tent trailer. We bought it in 2006 and have taken it on 3 cross country road trips, in addition to around the state camping trips. (We are hoping to camp over your way again this summer. Would love to see you.)


Emily said...

UGH! What a mess! I'm glad you were able to get help so quickly.
Swim team is THE BEST thing ever. I hope James will do it, because it regulates the body and brain like nothing else.

Veronica Newton said...

I guess that’s one way of looking at it. If that happened in my place, my mom would be up and about panicking, trying not to get our stuff wet. It’s a good thing that members of your family know how to work the plumbing. That could’ve gone wrong fast had you not acted upon it immediately. How are Missy and James doing in their swimming class?

Veronica Newton @ Dry1st

Gail Wallace said...

That’s a nice way of looking at it. Flooded basements are generally annoying and frustrating, especially if it destroys your things. However, as you have shown, it can be an encouragement for family members to bond. It’s great to know that you’re planning to laminate the basement to prevent future floodings. While cleaning basements together can be fun, constant flooding can be harmful to your house’s structure.

Gail Wallace