Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MESSY!! BUT PTL anyway!

Life is messy. Ours especially.

After pumping out the septic system it took the rest of the day to find out that wasn't the problem. At 7 PM Monday night the Rotor Rooter guy unplugged the blockage underground between the house and the tank.

The downstairs is drying out. There are 10 industrial sized fans blowing a storm down there. These are $65 a day EACH. There is a dehumidifier at $1,500 a day sucking up the moisture. The rest of the carpet will be pulled up today. Everything will be replaced... baseboards, everything.

Thank the Lord for Home Owner's insurance!! Our deductible will be waved....  THank the Lord for blessings in disguise. This house was in need of new carpets. What can I say, except PTL!

Yay for Buddy's family. They have worked very hard to help us clean this up. They own all the equipment.

The tent trailer has been handy and we've owned it since the day before the mess began.

We are putting things away as we carefully choose what will stay and what goes to the yard sale. The yard sale is Friday for 4 hours only. It's all I have time for. What doesn't sell goes to the Salvation Army.

We were already going to lay laminate flooring upstairs. Today we rip out the carpets. Tomorrow we start laying new flooring.

We have friends (Covrigs) we haven't seen since the girls were little.... like 13 years ago, from our Loma Linda days going to stop in for a visit Thursday next week. The timing couldn't be worse, but then again.... maybe it is the push we needed to get these projects ALL done.

Life carries on even in the mess.... I had to go to town 4 times yesterday (30 minutes one way). It doesn't leave much time for working on the house. I finally dropped into bed early and felt better by morning and had bathrooms and bedrooms cleaned by 5:30 this morning. The rest of time was spent cooking breakfast before I hauled the twins off to early music lessons before school. Christina had a major flute recital Monday evening. Made it in time for her songs at the end.

Swimming went a lot better in the second lesson than the first where the unsuspecting teacher was nearly drowned by the panicked twins! I'll be amazed if they make the team, but they are working hard to improve their swimming skills and that's what counts.

James is half way through his first summer math book and school hasn't let out yet. He's flying along. I'm offering huge incentives, but he would do it without them. Missy hasn't finished the first page. The girls think James finally understands that he enjoys my undivided attention and is soaking up the extra push in academics because he wants to work with me and is responding to my excitement  and pride in his work. It is nothing short of amazing. He made HUGE gains in Occupational Therapy at the hospital in the last few weeks. I would be surprised if they don't graduate him from the program in two weeks. He's making ALL the goals.

School lets out next Tuesday and Summer school starts Wednesday. Awesome.

Dear Mom,

You would be so proud! This is the fruit room after we put back what we decided to keep. Ha! You thought you'd never see the day. ;-) Of course, all the sleeping bags are still in the camper, so maybe it won't look quite like this when you get here next time.


Anonymous said...

The seemingly unfortunate happenings can have ripples of blessing... What a situation to add to the top of your already full plate! God gives patience in times like these. ;)

"To everyone who offers himself to the Lord for service, withholding nothing, is given power for the attainment of measureless results. The Lord God is bound by an eternal pledge to supply power and grace to everyone who is sanctified through obedience to the truth." EGW

acceptance with joy said...

Thank you for that quote! Whoever you Are!