Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ford Family Update

Went for an enjoyable canoe ride yesterday. Didn't bring the camera with us, so you are stuck with my poor cell phone photography. Cameras, rivers and tippy canoes don't mix.

Brianna and Christina always lay claim to the little wooden river canoe and they can handle that thing like pros. They can paddles standing up and do all sorts of crazy stuff, but they added Natalie to the mix and the new weight and a little extra seeking of a thrill landed them ALL in the Icicle. The river is so APTLY named.

For those of you who know them, Kahlers, D&K Talls, Shearers and later the Ratcliffs were with us. There was another person on our river expedition... He's been driving 90 miles to come to church and then hiking with us each Sabbath. His name is Jent. He's 20.

 Duckie: Sick with Norovirus. Poor, poor speckled heat rash baby!

Buddy: Definitely yearning to be with his momma!!

Missy: Just hanging around. Enjoys summer school. Hacking away on a cough.

James: Bifocals coming up. Apparently, according to the optometrist whose first language is not English, "He has very, very, very much far sightedness." All his glasses up to this point have been to correct his ability to see distance. They don't do anything for his reading.... So, moving in a good direction maybe? !

Christina: The other day she announced that she would love to run a half marathon someday. I turned and looked at her in surprise. She giggled and said, "Problem is, I don't run."  Hahaha! So she started that very day. Seeing she is the strongest female in the house, and has the longest legs, I don't question that she will do it soon.

Brianna: She is so excited to be done school. She spent all of Friday cooking up all sorts of delicacies for a grand canoe outing and picnic with her friends and all our families. She joined swim team to strengthen her endurance.

Vanessa: DONE!! Three years of prerequisites done. She is now applying to nursing school.

Me: Very glad to have all the girls home during the day!

Steve: Is a proud dad this father's day. Hope he has a good one. He's working a twelve hour shift at the ER and Norovirus is the latest trend this week.

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