Thursday, June 27, 2013

Working Hard

on the floor.... till late every night. There's one more day's worth of work on the laminate. Steve's knees and legs are really, really feeling it.

We chose the carpet for the downstairs. That will take two weeks for them to order and then put it in.

The Restoration guy has completed the bathroom downstairs with all new tile and repaired drywall and new paint. He should finish the hallway tomorrow.

Vanessa started her new job today. She's thrilled.

Brianna doesn't have a full time job, but she babysits and does yard work and whatever else people think up and she can make more in a day than Vanessa can if everything lines up right. In fact she made $100 just today. It's a good thing. College isn't cheap. She then came home and mowed grass for us for free for a few hours.

Christina did all the laundry, took care of babies and packed for her up coming trip to YFJ!

James had a hard day. He didn't want to work at all. Well, guess what, Bud?!!  It's all hands on deck and that includes cleaning the van, vacuuming the livingroom and carrying folded clothes different dressers.

Missy was quite helpful with dishes and  was happy all day because Aunty Julie is coming tomorrow.

It's not easy working on the floor with a fussy teething baby on your lap...  (that would be my lap.) I tried to get most of my painting done while the kiddos were at there visit at home. Buddy still managed to step in my paint tray.

We are babysitting a dog. I had forgotten they had asked us to several weeks ago and now I'm wondering when it is suppose to go home?? We have a few camping trips planned...

Foster care... Even Steve is questioning if we ever want to do this again just for the fact that we might have to work with this social worker again. I know God has this thing in His hands... it's just sad to watch the nonsense. It's going to be okay. The kiddos are going to go home, but some of the stuff happening right now is just sad. The court date has been postponed because of the "possible Government shutdown"... even though the shutdown is not actually going to happen, BUT the kiddos are going home for an extended visit while we go on vacation. I won't know until Monday if they will actually come back here or not. This shows me there is really no cause for all the drama. They really can't keep the kids away from their mother much longer.

We are planning a reception for the 4 youth in our church who have completed Running Start (which is basically high school/ two years of college and most will have their AA degree) and or finished high school in another way. It will be held at the church Sunday evening for all who would like to come. This is for Vanessa, Brianna, Natalie, and Jonah.

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Oldqueen44 said...

It makes me sad to hear the problems that go on that keep Mom from her babies. Way too much power for the cps system.

Is James having a rough time because he saw his bio?