Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So MUCH to tell (and not tell) !

First off the best computer in the house died. DEADER THAN A DOORNAIL! Boom! No warning. So I'm fighting with this horrid piece of junk.

The picture that I promised.  This was the opening night of Campmeeting and the five girls in Echoes of Heaven (Vanessa at the Piano) did a majority of the music that night. Friday their numbers grew by 2. Sabbath it grew by several more, but then their time was cut short for technical difficulties.

On Sunday we did something really different with our Yearly Visit for the twins' first mom.  We went and picked her up from her apartment and took her with us on our fun outing at the waterslides. The twins both had the same reaction when they were told what was happening. I told them at seperate times, but they both got really pouty and said, "NO!"

They handled the initial part of the visit great. She had nice gifts for them. This is a first time she's had money to do something extra special. The kids responded appropriately. They soon felt smothered and kind of shut down and didn't really want to play in the water much. It was kind of cold and cloudy. I think that James eventually realized his best bet was to go and play with Buddy's brother on the kiddo slides to have breathing room. Missy pretty much sat and said she didnt' want to go on the slides. This I found quite surprising. She loved it the one other time we have gone.

As for the teenagers! They wore me out. Eventually I could hardly drag myself out of the water, but they were going and going and going like little energizer bunnies. They were thoroughly cold and shriveled but they were the last of the last to get off the slides.

Here's a pic of James and Vanessa thanks to Katie.

The news on the foster front is so crazy that I don't have a clue what is going to happen in the next few days. Crazy, crazy.... like there's even a crisis in the government funding and we might not be able to have a court as scheduled. SW calls and makes statements that make us really wonder what it is she's after... it's scary. I mean, the bottom of my heart drops out when this happens. I believe that this is spiritual warfare going on. The devil is not excited about this family getting back together. He doesn't want this mom to succeed. He certainly doesn't like her progress and healing and she is bombarded and harassed on several fronts daily. The last two days have been hard.

James got his bifocals. You have never seen anything like it. wow. I took them back today and I wasn't heard. I'm not assertive enough. Tomorrow Steve will go.

Vanessa went to write her CNA Exam. Drove all the way to Big Yonder City and lo and behold she was not on the list of test takers. She'll try again in August. BUT today she may have landed a  full time JOB!! Totally providential. She was going from place to place picking up applications and on Colonial Vista the gal who handed her the application was the one who hires and she invited her to chat.... then one after another came by and recognized her and one said, "hire her!! On the spot!" Also, this is where she did her clinicals.

The Restoration people got busy tearing up tile and fixing sheet rock today. Yay! Finally. I chose all the new tiles, paint and grout colors. I'm hoping it goes fast. Julie and gang arrive Friday!!!

We started NR.  That is Neurological Reorganization. We had a 5 hour assessment and teaching session yesterday in Yonder Big City with Bette Lamount. It means we start some serious exercises that must be done daily. She included some academics that don't have to be a part of the program, but will make the exercises fun and may actually teach them something. It's called Floor Learning. I'm game. I am also overwhelmed with information. Big words running through my head like Methylation.... epigenetics  . . . I have to say, the lady was thoroughly impressed with the kids. After we went through their history and all that she was totally amazed at how cooperative and sweet they were to work with. She was amazed at how far they have come in the last three years given the odds against them and the stories I told. We are starting at PONS  level work. In other words they have a lot of work to do on the floor.... creeping, crawling, patterning, getting the right and left brains integrated and working together. Missy has more troubling issues than James - as is expected.... She was thrilled with our family's style of parenting and working with the kids and believes we can really make this program work for us. That being said, I am overwhelmed and here it is 4:15 in the afternoon and I have not made them do their exercises yet. They had speech and OT at the hospital at 7 this morning until 9... then they have horse therapy this evening.... and my eyes are crossing! Speaking of which, it was suggested that both children need vision therapy, but the exercises we are embarking on may settle some of the issues.

The weeds are a foot tall on nearly the whole property. Even with the girls out of school, we are not keeping up with everything.

Cherries are ripe!

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