Thursday, May 2, 2013

Who'd a Thought? Pre Med?

I spent the morning with Christina at the college in the office of her "homeschool" biology teacher discussing her future.

She has big dreams.

She wants to be a missionary doctor should this old world last long enough. It surprises us a little that she is that serious about it. She reads blogs like Olen and Danae's & Bere Adventist Hospital,  Missionary Band and is mesmerized by them. She is riveted by her dad's stories at the end of his work day. She's the first one on the scene of someone needing first aid (if Vanessa doesn't beat her to it. That pull is strong in both of them and they don't shy away from vomit and dirty diapers. Lucky me!).

Forget what I said about her missing the math section of the college entrance exam by two points. They are now testing her to see if she can skip Algebra 105 and head straight into pre-calculus. Apparently Teaching Textbooks has a great reputation with this college and her grades are very good for Algebra 1 and 2, so, we shall see. I hope she doesn't go in over her head.

Speaking of which, she has also been advised to sign up for chemistry the first quarter, also. That put a little fire under her. The fire I couldn't seem to lite to make a certain homeschool chemistry course her priority!!! All of a sudden, it's center stage.  I realize A&P is a major science and doing two major sciences at once is a little tough, but I had this feeling. . . . again, I hope she doesn't go in over her head right off the bat. She is smart enough, but this will be her first "real" school experience.

Seeing she is starting her pre-requisits at the tender age of 15 she is being advised to take three years to get her Associates degree. She has time. She has a lot ahead of her. It could be done in two years with an AST degree, but that transfer degree is only good to certain colleges and could limit her greatly.

She's a busy gal right now. Drivers Ed. Volunteering at the horse therapy ranch, all her homeschool classes to finish up, her jobs, her music lessons and the flute lesson she teaches, and then she helps me out a lot with child care.


It's that time of year when everybody is talking about what their plans are for the next year. So much talk! Some will be trying school for the first time. Some will be leaving school and homeschooling again. Every year is a big shake up and it's kind of fun to see how the chips fall.


Oldqueen44 said...

What an impressive young lady.

Emily said...

Such a remarkable young lady!!! Way to go, Christina! I started my college classes at 16 and took Chemistry, College Algebra, and General Biology. It was tough, but I did it. She can do it, too!!!

~marci~ said...

My kids did well at transferring from homeschool into college life~and Christina has her older sisters to help her adjust~i bet she will do fine. Yes, lots of studying in the future, but doable if she has the drive to succeed. Those entrance exam failures or near failures only fueled my kids into excelling in those areas they were/are weak~