Thursday, May 9, 2013

Testing, Testing... 1.2.3....

I'm standing by as my daughter tests her in-home care worker to the max.

I've tried to intervene. It isn't working. She's crying buckets of tears because she knows the consequence, though I never mentioned it, but she refuses to respect the woman and follow directions.

This is nothing new, of course. It just means the honeymoon is over and now the child is going to work her finest in getting rid of this worker. The worker has a few strands of grey. She promised me she isn't going anywhere.

I feel sick making this woman go thru this non-sense.

I need to talk with the school and find out if they have been seeing any of this? Or are they just letting her off the hook? How can she be so like this for anyone who asks anything of her at home and we never hear about negative behaviors at school?

She hasn't been doing this kind of behavior for me in awhile - like I'm seeing right now. It's bad. Really, really  bad. Like ripping the pages out of her reader, slamming the table, screaming, manipulating, lying....


A great victory for the babies' mom today. No one can force medication because it isn't needed. She's fine. She has the doctor's word.


Mama Ds Dozen said...

My Little Miss went to school last year and they did not see a hint of what took place at home EVERY afternoon.

My Little Miss moved to a Residential Facility 10 months ago . . . and they have not seen One.Little.Hint of her raging. Nothing. 10 months. She is in a facility with no expectation of bonding and attachment. She doesn't have to rage because she isn't fighting the "need" to bond and attach to a family. She seems to thrive in an "institutional" setting. So. So. Sad.

Hang in there. Hope your new worker can hang in there, as well.


Kelly said...

I have asked this question for so long, so many times. I just hope and pray I will get to experience the kid others get to experience. Just doesn't seem fair that others get to see him "happy", "loving the learn", "helpful" and we don't and we are the ones who pour ourselves into him until we are dry.