Thursday, May 23, 2013

All in Day's {trauma}

One of those days!!

  • It would exhaust you to read all that happened today....  and I'm too tired to tell all. Suffice to say that some people ran a LOT of miles today - especially Brianna who is much stronger than I (she's claiming 9 miles - but alternating between two offenders for different miles at various times of the day). 
  • And there is a huge wheelbarrow full of chicken manure cleaned out of the barn by a little girl who needed to think about some different choices she could make - preceded by a spectacular tantrum because she didn't want to, but in the end she did an amazing job.
  • Cookies made as restitution for a big sister by a little brother. 
  • An in-home care worker who was dismissed super early because her charge would not cooperate. at. all. thus the the barn think time.
  • A visit to the dentist. A tooth pulled.
  • A lovely little lie to the bus driver that left her twin brother chasing after the bus screaming in the dust. SO MEAN. So hurtful.
  • The terrible two's in full swing - me sitting in the hallway to prevent him from getting out of bed tonight for TWO hours! 
  • Same 2 year old threw himself out of a crib headfirst because he was angry that I put him there. Man, he's going to break his neck. He absolutely has no self preservation skills.
  • A text or two from Steve who made it safely to his mother's in Canada.
  • A teenage daughter who mowed an older lady's lawns and promptly lost her pay ($20) as she was running down the road to meet up with me . 
  • A reluctant girl and her sister who went and volunteered at horse therapy even though it meant she will be late turning in her math test.... who then exclaimed it was SO refreshing to work with those kids and horses. 
  • A piano Guild (kind of like a piano test on 10 memorized songs) for Christina. A huge accomplishment well done.
  • A 1yr old who entertains the whole house but leaves a real mess in his wake. His current nick-name:  "His Royal Tootness"
  • And then the bomb!!!..... the IEP review for James. I'm still digesting that. Sigh. More about that another time.
Yesterday we had a pretty serious choking incident. James was acting like he couldn't breath, wouldn't answer me, had THAT look, and he was half bent over hands around his neck! I asked if he could breath and he shook his head no. I gave the Heimlich and asked him for some feedback again... NO response. I instructed Christina to call 911. He stood up straight and said "no" all freaked out! I was like, "Boy, you have to tell me the truth in these matters. If I ask if you can breath and you shake your head no but you are actually breathing....!!!"  BUT he was still in pretty big trouble somehow. Christina managed to look in far enough to see that it was a half a toothpick lodged in his throat. She got it out but made him throw up in the process. If there was a lesson learned it was that you aren't suppose to eat the toothpicks little treats have poked into them as handles.


Mandy said...

Oh my goodness! There is no comfort I can offer after a day like that. I will lift you up in prayer today.

Oldqueen44 said...

Oh my...