Friday, May 10, 2013

How it Played Out

Things were escalating. I finally told the worker I was taking over and she could go home 30 minutes early, but I told her to please show me everything that she had expected Missy to do and I would sit by her and wait for her to do it.

Missy then put up a false fight that lasted about 5 minutes and then she got down to business and did EVERYTHING for me just fine. At least she finally has it in her head that I am not to be trifled with. The expectations were not too high. The work was not overwhelming in the least. She was truly trying to get rid of the worker and I know I let her go a half hour early..... but then I made the kid do double. Plus she had to go running. She used up all her play time.

In a sense this display validates my concerns. No one outside our family has seen this behavior at this level for a very long time. Someone has now seen it in full bloom. The poor gal was in total shock. How could such a cute little girl be so aggressive and ornery?

Unfortunately, Missy was passive aggressive this morning and to her great joy...NOT! she missed the bus so she got to go running with dad again to get to school.


Oh dear. Buddy just came out with a nail clipper asking me to clip his nails. He's covered in mineral powder. I guess he thinks he's going out on the town today. He thought he needed makeup!!!! I'm so afraid to check out the bathroom.

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Emily said...

Ah yes...
But then I remember reading your journals about how she would carry on for hours and hours. I'm so glad she buckled right down and got it done. And running is great for kids. =)

Please tell me you got photos of Little Buddy all ready for his night on the town...