Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mount St Helens - In Answer to Prayer

This weekend we have had the privilege of having Dr. Doug Newton and his team put on a Creation seminar for us. We had had him here several years ago and we had all learned so much. It was the kind of highlight homeschoolers look for. We were excited to go again and I had a secret hope that it would generate some new interests for James. I prayed over and over that SOMETHING would catch his attention and he would get excited to learn.

We were a little late but the first meeting started off late, so we didn't miss anything, but it meant we sat in the back which was not acceptable seating for Brianna and after 5 minutes she weaseled her way up to the very front row with James in tow. Missy was a case. Totally uninterested and squirming all over the place. We finally told her to lay on the floor and go to sleep.

The first evening the topic was on the catastrophic explosion of Mount St. Helens, which was very apropos since yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of that major event. So much has been learned through this event. It is an amazing study.

There were a lot of drawings and prizes and artifacts to look at, pictures and interesting lectures on varies topics.  James continued to sit on the front row through the whole thing. I wondered what he was taking in and understanding.  He wanted to be chosen for a prize but though his sleeping sister's name was drawn, it never fell to him. She stumbled up to the speaker in a daze totally unsure why she was up there. James waited on the edge of his seat for his turn the whole time always alert. He perused the artifacts of bones and stones and shells and eggs.... at every opportunity. Finally it was all over. And his name had never been drawn and the tears started but when I told him that I would be getting a few DVD's for him he bucked up.

 This morning he greeted me with facts. "Mom did you know that Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980?"

Of the DVDs I bought for him the one he chose to watch first is the one on Mount St. Helens. He has been watching it on the computer and stopping it every time he needs time to soak in the pictures better. He also stops it to discuss with whoever will listen what he's just learned. He stops it to take brain breaks. He points out photos and illustrations that were shown at the seminar. He's totally into it. I know he doesn't understand it all. 

I'm grateful for the new interest. It's what had I prayed for!


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Mama Ds Dozen said...

That's great to find something that really interests James.

I remember, well, the eruption of Mount St. Helens. I lived less than 100 miles from the mountain, and it erupted just 3 weeks before my high school graduation. (Yes. I am that old.)

Hope your weekend was blessed!