Monday, May 13, 2013

They Call Me Mom

Vanessa ~ Brianna ~ Christina ~ James ~ Anna-Joy ~ Buddy ~ Duckie
We worked hard.
My girls have longed ago learned that 
Gifts of Service 
mean the world to me.

The lawns are mowed, 
weeds are whacked,
basement cleaned,
laundry folded, 

The little guys spent the day with their mom and I was able to make headway in reclaiming the house as well.

It feels good to have that much accomplished in one day.

The last few weeks I had been dragging from that sickness
and I was doing good to put one foot in front of another.
I kept saying,
"Do the next thing. Just do the next thing!"

I'm happy to report I'm over the hump and taking it up a notch.
My new line is:
"Do HARD things".

I told the girls the other thing that would please me much
would be a photo of the 5 of them that I could frame.
They dressed up and left for an our and came back with several different and interesting poses.

Motherhood feels like a bit of a conundrum.

I can't take a bit of credit for how well any of them turn out.
The good choices and the dedication of the big girls to God and His will for their lives
is despite my failings ~ and I am blessed,

and yet,

if we don't work our tail off on these next two
they haven't a chance in the world. . . 

I get it, of course.
Every which way you look at it
our reliance must be on God.

Speaking of the twins,

James decided to make me a treasure hunt for Mother's day.
I had to find his messages...

So cute.

 The green card was tucked into the cushions of the couch.
The yellow one on the dash of my van.

I got a text from an unfamiliar and extra long number yesterday.
Words I did not understand.

"Jenet wa mago namba yangu mpya. Its my new number."

I'm a little slow.  
Twenty-four hours later I finally figured out that
Jenet could be my mother, Janet,  who lives in the African village of Mago
where they speak Swahili.
So, I looked up the number and it is indeed from Tanzania.
She doesn't usually write to me in Swahili, though... ??
So, I wished her a happy mother's day and a happy birthday.
Love you,



Emily said...

I LOVE the photos!!! They did a great job. The one with James in the foreground cracks me up. I need to duplicate it with my four girls and one boy. Happy Mother's Day to one of the most amazing moms I know. =)

abrianna said...

Wonderful photos all!

Kelly said...

Love the pics!!!!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures! I really like your new header picture - James has quite a cute expression there and the hair and freckles round if off nicely. :) Glad you are feeling better and that you got lots done! Have a wonderful new week, Antionette

Mama Ds Dozen said...

LOVE all of the pictures . . . especially the header.

:) :) :)

Sean Nebblett said...

Seems I came to say the same thing everyone else has said. :) Nicely done. And a good looking set of kids. :)

Felicia said...

Great pictures! I keep telling my kids that I want the house cleaned on Mother's Day and they still haven't done it. Perhaps one day.
I totally agree with your sentiment that some kids need more active parenting to overcome their early beginnings.