Monday, September 30, 2013

Monopoly Continues

And we had a relatively peaceful day.

Missy paid James three dollars tonight and one to me.  That was it. James now has the most money in his jar.

An understanding of the value of a dollar is beginning to dawn on Missy. She's quite concerned that she only has four dollars left to spend on Sunday. Worried that she won't have ANYTHING left by our shopping date. I'll give her another paying job to make sure she has a dollar or two if it comes to that because this is not about discouraging them, but putting things into tangible perspective.  She's wrapping her brain around this much quicker than I had expected. She held out her four dollar bills and with a quaver in her voice said, "I'm not going to have enough money to buy anything!"

My dear, in this economy, you are just about right.
What you have there in your hand is precious.... you MUST protect it.
Be very careful not to lose another dollar more.
This is a living object lesson to teach you the importance of respect.
Respect your brother.
Respect is precious.
Protect it carefully like your dollar bills.

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