Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Few Honey-Crisps


 It's applesauce time! These are number 2 honey-crisps for free. So grateful.
Skip the boxes. You can get more apples in that way.

We were SO blessed to have Glesni AND her mom, Janean, bring Vanessa home.
We had a WONDERFUL visit.
We took a long walk. Picked peaches. Collected apples. Talked.

It's good to have friends.


Mama Ds Dozen said...

Sure wish we could find a place for some free apples. We used to be able to glean the fields at the end of the season for 5 or 10 cents per pound. Not any more. Our farmers charge full price throughout the season. There are no "2nds" over here (or at least we can't find them). We used to put up 300-400 pounds every fall, now we can barely afford a couple of boxes.

Looks like fun! And yummy. Enjoy!

Laurel :)

~marci~ said...

Some of my favorites! I can't afford them at $2.47 or higher locally. Enjoy...!

Kennedys said...

Oh Yum! That is a huge blessing. We are drooling all over. Honeycrisps are $60/bushel here and 'regular' apples $27 youpick! Looking forward to the tree of life and availabliity to eat all the fruit you can possibly hold. Please enjoy some for us : )

abrianna said...

I wondered if those were Honeycrisps. where I live it is 4 hours one way to an orchard- not doable.