Friday, September 13, 2013


Little Missy's In-Home Care Giver is a gem. She seems to enjoy trying to work with Missy, though she calls the child difficult and some days I'm sure I can see the steam building. Some days I actually have to intervene on the poor woman's behalf. She's not naive to the manipulations and all that and doesn't put up with it, but is patient and she keeps coming back. :-) I am thankful. I need her.

Missy gave her a run for her money on Wednesday. It was one of the days that I stood by and had to intervene a few times. It was the day Steve and the girls left for Canada - and MIssy was not happy about it. Yesterday was a good day, though she had difficult moments, over all she was cooperative.

Her hard moment was when I drove up. I had arranged for a friend to pick up the kids after the care-giver left if I wasn't home in time. She was SO disappointed that I was home. She had been looking forward to going and started crying. James might have been a tad disappointed, but he popped out of the house with a big smile and a big "Hi, MOM! I'm so glad to see you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" I don't know if all  that was to help neutralize his sister's response or what, but he was genuinely glad to see me.

When it was time for the care-giver to leave and she stood up to go, her muscles went into horrific spasms. She was in great pain and was crying. This is not new. Some days she hasn't been able to leave home... It was the first time Missy witnessed it though and it obviously made her feel for her care-giver. She did everything she could to help and even offered to carry her water bottle and books to the car. Brianna and I were both really impressed with her ability to understand someone else's pain. She was VERY, VERY sweet and it was heartwarming to see.

This is awesome. Growth in the right direction! I was so proud of that kiddo.


Kathy C. said...

My twins will do the good twin/bad twin (just made that up) thing with me too. One will be misbehaving so the other will make a big show of doing the right thing. Always interesting to see them play against each other.

Anonymous said...

VERY interesting! You, know that might be something to chew on... what if ministry to others who are hurting, homeless could be made a part of her life? (Different than taking kids into your home to become part of your family for a while)Could that help take some of the focus off of her - her progress, her disobedience, her attitude problems, etc. I don't know - I am just wondering??? Focusing on others and finding that she can help bring healing and happiness to others - could it bring healing to her? Or is there a difference between her caregiver hurting and a stranger hurting? very interesting indeed! Antionette

Emily said...

Brings a tear to my eye...I love those shining moment when you get glimpses of what's there in their hearts. Praise God for the empathy in Missy!