Monday, September 2, 2013

Eating In

We are kind of crazy for Asian food here.

If we are going to eat out, it's 

usually Thai... but it doesn't happen very often.

Brianna's been working for the Kim's and she relishes every meal there.

Today she came home and did her best to replicate what she had eaten there for us

Mostly raw fresh veggies 

and fruit

which doesn't make it especially Korean,

it's the leaves they picked from the Kim's garden, I think,

I don't even know what they are called but they are good and have a very unique flavor,

and of course the seaweed,

and maybe the sweet chili sauce....

and the way they stack their rice and strips of veggies on the seaweed.

It was yummy. Kind of like eating out....

and the twins, they couldn't eat like a house on fire,
because they had to stack their little rolls up neatly and
eat them carefully so they didn't fall apart.

It was a pleasant experience.

Everything was so beautiful, how could it not be pleasant?!

The not so pleasant part of the evening was when we went to wash the dishes.

I went to pour a new bottle of dish soap in the dispenser

only to realize


had removed the bottle!



Brianna was in the basement catching the stream of blue Dawn in a bucket!

Now that wouldn't have happened if we had been eating out.

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