Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Swimming and Life at Home

Life has been a whirlwind of busy activity, and when I have moments to write all I can think about is all the things I need to get done still. We got back from our week and half vacation on Sunday. Monday VBS began. Brianna is in charge of VBS, so that has meant our family is on the front lines. My field tomatoes and garden and yard are all needing serious attention after our vacation, of course. This coming Sunday Brianna and Christina leave for Michigan to prepare for their speaking engagement through YFJ. My sister and her boys begin their journey here today. We plan to attend Lightbearers Campmeeting next week and then I leave on Sunday to join the girls in Michigan for several weeks as the girls' dean of Youth for Jesus.

We made the decision and filled out the registration packet yesterday for Missy to go to the Montessori school this fall. She likes the idea, but is a bit sad to leave her old school and the people she knows. I am signing her up for the Montessori day camp at the end of July and I think that will convince her that this is the right decision for her.

If you look at our pictures of the road trip you will notice we had a few extra kids with us. We took Buddy and the Duckling and their siblings with us and they were real troupers - all of them! Even the two year old was a good traveler. We did a lot of swimming. We tried to get some swimming in every day. We traveled to Arizona and camped at Lake Powell where my parents joined us. We visited the Grand Canyon and Arches National Park. We drove through Monument Valley in a dust storm and camped at Daystar. We visited a hot springs and ended the trip at campmeeting. It was a once in a lifetime kind of trip for us. 

I probably prayed more for those kiddos and their future than ever.  They are precious kids. When we returned we dropped them off at their new place with their dad and grandparents. The kiddos were happy to see their family. Court happened yesterday and so, it's all settled for the next 12 months that their dad has custody. Mom needs to go to treatment and stick with the program if she expects to have any part in their lives in the future. She didn't try to keep in close contact while we were on the trip, but yesterday she called crying before court as she was about to lose everything. I reminded her that the best thing she could do for herself and her children was to go to treatment. AND WHY NOT? There are no excuses left. Please pray that she goes. As long as she has life she has HOPE. Her hope lies in what Christ can do for her if she will but let Him.

The twins handled the whole trip very well. They really had no major melt-downs that could not be redirected. Missy could get intense sometimes but if we sandwiched her between the big girls in the van, or had her ride in my parents car we could keep her from getting into the other kids business and annoying everyone. She had a moment where she could have had a real problem. It was over a piece of clothing at a KOA, but all the other kids were headed to the pool and she knew she was on the brink of losing the privilege if she didn't choose to make the best of it so she did. All in all, the kids enjoyed the trip and I saw no sign of depression or manic behavior. They were pretty much happy.  They even calmed down about food near the end of the trip and were not pushy and hoarding so much.

We visited the twins' bio-mom for our once a year visit just before arriving home. It was a short visit. She was disappointed the kids were not interested in her at all. She told us a story about her health .... therefore, "could we up the visits to 2 a year?" In the end she spent so much time on that part of her quest it shocked her when the visit was over and she hadn't really spent any time with the kids. The answer was no. The kids found it awkward at best and it will only get harder as they get older. While we think the visit is important, once a year is enough.


Emily said...

It's interesting that the twins had few issues on the trip. We were on the road for 7 weeks last summer and we didn't have a single issue the whole time. Not with either of my younger girls. Everything hit the fan about two weeks after we got home. I think that not knowing what was coming next threw them off balance. Everything was different from routine and new and interesting. While we do best with structure and routine, I think we were all too busy having fun and seeing new things. Hmm...interesting.

Annie said...

That looks AMAZING!

Where in Michigan will you be? I live in Lansing, and it is always nice to meet a fellow blogger.

There is a "Campmeeting" in Eaton Rapids, not too far from us. We rented the facility for our parish's "Family Camp" for a couple of years and those very words hold such positive feeling for me.

Sad that parents can be so dysfunctional. I think some of it may be that THEY experienced early trauma that makes them stunted; trauma prevents people from maturing properly and even changes DNA. So sad, but at least the twins aren't living with her! That makes them luckier than many poor little children.

acceptance with joy said...

Hey, it would be fun to meet! I will be in Grand Rapids. I guess I better a get a map and see how that relates to where you live.

For sure, the twins' bio mom has experienced trauma. It was her mother that beat up one of the twins' siblings and broke her bones.

That goes for the Buddy's mama, too. She experienced trauma in her life at an early age.

acceptance with joy said...

It is an interesting phenomenon that I have noticed before, Emily. The kids can hold themselves together when they want to, or life is interesting enough, or there are no chores or expectations.