Sunday, June 8, 2014

Certified Scuba Divers

Another thing crossed of Christina's bucket list.
Her goal is to become a rescue diver.
Not sure what Ellie's goal is, but it is kind of a natural for her as her dad dives as part of his job and her mom does it with him for fun when they go to interesting places.
Diving is not something that has ever crossed my mind... I doubt Steve's either,
so Christina is more adventurous than we are.
She got the idea during her lifeguard training when she learned how to rescue a diver.
The divers were impressed enough to offer her a partial scholarship...
and the rest is history.
Everything is always more fun with a friend!
Missy would have joined them if she could have! She's adventurous like that.
- Jame on the other hand... not so much.
My job was to sit on the beach and enjoy the sun.
What a job!  :-)


Emily said...

Congratulations to her! She got to do her training in such a beautiful spot.

Annie said...

You definitely chose the better part....

Preacherstribe said...

I would have loved to dive when I was young. I was one with the water, but today, not so much. Congratulations to the girls. May they take no chances.

Julie said...

Are you ok?

acceptance with joy said...

Thanks, Julie. I AM!! You shall see in the next few posts!!! Maybe you ought to join me on FB so you know I didn't die when I can't get to the internet. :-)