Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Principal's Office

lol. Okay. This CHILD of MINE!! 
 I got a phone call from the principal today. 
Missy had been in his office. 
She had been sent there by her teacher with a report on her academic endeavors. 

It was GOOD.

All good - surprisingly, actually, but we had been noticing better work from her lately. 
They said she was putting effort into reading and math. 
This school loves to turn things around on the parents and 
call the students in to the principal's office for being awesome. 
Several months ago I got the call on James and I bought him a box of granola bars all his own, 
so I was grateful to just so happen to have a box of those same bars in hiding for this occasion. 
She decided to share one with dad, 
 but James wasn't so lucky, 
nor was Pieter. 
Begging didn't move her in the least. 
Oh, well. They'll have to earn their own somehow. 
Here's the crack up: She thought she could sit down 
and eat however many she wanted in a row after supper. 
Good thing we caught her on the second bar!
Wouldn't have surprised me if she had eaten all 6 bars in one sitting AFTER eating her supper, but her mom is sooooo mean. 


rosedel said...

Such good news! I am cheering for you.

ErinL said...

I love good news :).

Emily said...

Celebrating this joyful moment with you!!! Way to go, Missy!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get up on Mission Ridge today, but not too sorry. "The Principal's Office" is a piece of art. Warms my heart!

Enjoli said...

That's awesome! :)