Monday, March 24, 2014

Reboot Day #1

Yesterday Wanda said she was about to start a reboot and I jumped right in and joined her.

Today was day one.

I am doing the 15 day plan. It starts off slow with salads and roasted yams along with the juice. Going straight to a juice fast is really rough the first couple days. I think this is going to be easier.

The juice is good!!  I enjoy it very much. I don't exactly like making it because it takes so much time and I spend enough time in the kitchen feeding this gang, but here goes. I've done reboot before and I felt great.

(If you don't know what reboot is watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, then go to

Christina passed her driver's test today. She and Kendall spent most of the afternoon training for their Lifeguard certificate. Christina then went on to Nikki's to begin training for her triathlon. The kid is on spring break.... 'How many things can you cram into one day' seems to be the name of the game. She and Vanessa have tickets to the Youth Symphony tonight. I think I'll just go to bed. I get tired watching. At least I won't have to drive her around to everything anymore. :-)

Vanessa is much more domestic. She's digging up the front flower bed. She thinks it needs a total makeover. She also helped me plant lettuce and greens yesterday. She's happy to join me drinking my fresh juice concoctions and then she does a little cooking and a little reading for fun.

We had an unusually calm morning with the twins today. It was a treat. They were out early for the bus. Even rinsed their dishes before going out.

Their horse back riding lessons started back up last week. Today they were able to go for a trail ride.

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