Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What HAPPENED to Missy?

Steve woke up this morning later than the rest of us because he had worked past midnight at the hospital. Evidently he had been listening to the hum of the morning from the bedroom because his question to me when he appeared was, "What happened to Missy?"

Notice I said, "hum of the morning" and not turbulent cacophony of the start of our day!

It's true. She made a real switch. She was in control of herself and she was moving along decently and when corrected she didn't turn into a raging, screaming wild animal. I employed a few jumping jacks and push ups a few times throughout our routine for both her and James. It was enough to remind them I am to be respected. Turning on me will result in serious consequence; Namely the dreaded thought of someone from school showing up at our front door.

I feel like the school has our back.

We needed that desperately. I pray our reprieve lasts.


The twins were both invited to skate with the local hockey team last evening. Neither of them had been on skates before. It was an event sponsored by the feed store and the hockey team and the riding therapy school for special needs kids. They had the time of their lives. They actually could learn to skate pretty easily. James struggled with anxiety to start with.... and he was hyperfocused on the clock and when the event would be over, but he had fun, too.

Landon Michaelson snapped this pic. James is front and center in the green helmet. Missy to the left in a pink helmet.

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Anonymous said...

I guess because my students at CCA and MVAS performed James Gibson's Miracle Worker years ago, lines from that play stick in my mind. Has Missy seen it?
Helen Keller had a quick mind imprisoned by blindness and deafness. Missy has other issues just as desperate. Our God is big enough, wise enough and kind enough to see you through. He needs to teach the rest of us to find ways to support you in your struggle. We don't have the insight or the words.