Monday, November 11, 2013

Update and RAK #2

This is the last day of a week of respite for the three girls. One of them turns 7 today. We already did cake and candles and a gift. These kiddos are so beautiful and precious but way deep down inside they are somber and sad. Not the little one so much, but the middle child definitely and she picks at people for attention. It's like they are resigned to their fate whatever that may be. They had a visit with their daddy yesterday and that was a very happy occasion!! Their future is so unknown, or at least,  I have no idea what their future holds.

Saturday evening we all piled in the van and went and RAKed someone... er that would be raked their lawn with  big spotlights in the drizzling rain. It was fun and we totally surprised them. They drove up as we were getting near done. We filled our trailer to the very top. That was a LOT of leaves and it didn't take us all that long. The rest of the story is that as we pulled our trailer up to our garden to dump the leaves our van slipped off the road and into the muddy garden and two days later there it sits. We've tried everything. Steve was covered from head to toe in mud last night. Even his hair was full of mud. We guess we have to call a tow truck. It's going to be tricky. I just don't want my van ruined.

I've been holding Missy a lot. She's letting me but it's not helping.  Ha! Okay, it's only been a week, we'll keep trying.  I have been slow to get started on the new therapy exercises. It takes so much organization and energy. For some reason I seem to lack energy these days. She hasn't been screaming very much this week and someone is going to say, "See, it is helping!!" Right. She rides the waves and she's on a decent roll at the moment. One cannot tell how long it will last.  She is okay so long as nobody asks her to do anything right now, which, that's not okay or even possible to avoid. She's missed her class at church for the 3rd Sabbath in a row. I've also kept her in the mother's room with me and the baby. She doesn't like it, but I can't trust her out of my sight and Steve and the girls have all they can handle in the pew with Buddy and the little girls and James. The twins had half days (not even half) of school for the entire week and today is a holiday. We're all ready for normal again.  Christina and Vanessa are enjoying a break from school though.

Last post I forgot to mention that Missy's other positive at school is her perfect handwriting. No one can figure out how she does it since she does not use her hands to hold a pencil properly. She does not use her fingertips for anything, actually. She does not even try to feel things with her fingertips. She rolls things around in the palm of her hand and thus can't tell you what she is holding if you blindfold her and hand her object to discover.  It's one of those weird brain disconnects... One of the things we are working towards connecting in therapy.

Brianna gets home in 8 days. 


Mandy said...

I really feel you on your issues with Missy. It can be so frustrating to feel helpless to get to a place of permanent change for a hurting kid. Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you could try RIFE brain entrainment. A friend is trying it with her son who has Aspergers and swears it's helping.