Thursday, November 21, 2013

Twibling Rivalry

The temperatures are dipping a little lower each night. It was 19 degrees F at the lowest this morning. It certainly does something bring on the holiday feeling. Just having everyone home and under our roof makes it feel like the holiday season has begun!!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Vanessa and Christina are so ready for a break from school so let the season for musicians begin!

I've really tried to get our Journey thru Random Acts of Kindness off the ground, but we've been crazy busy and sick. I can't seem to kick it and I'm feeling worse instead of better.  However, James and I managed to deliver our Christmas Shoeboxes on Tuesday. I wish Missy could have had more part in it, but that didn't happen.

The twins had a few good days in a row which I appreciate. Both the anticipation and the arrival of Brianna carried them through, but this morning it all fell apart. There was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth over normal, everyday expectations. The competition between the two makes me want to weep.  They've been thru so much together you would think they would love and need one another, but instead they look to tear each other down to somehow get the upper hand. I hate sibling rivalry. My tolerance for it is extremely low. Keeping them apart and minimizing opportunities for interaction has not helped in a lasting way and so I am about to implement a whole new tactic. Don't ask too many questions. I haven't figured out what that means yet. I just know that we're going to do the opposite of keeping them apart. I'm going to make them read to each other, teach each other their spelling lists, make each others' bed, have them pick out the biggest and the best and take it to their twin, clean each others' messes, put toothpaste on the others' toothbrush (their favorite place to fight is in the bathroom over toothpaste!) ... hey, they might even have to brush each others' teeth. Yeah. Fun and good time are coming up.   Hopefully everyone survives.

If you have some awesome ideas for teaching them to serve each other, I'm all ears.

I keep thinking of this internet photo....

But I'd be worried about the physical damage that could be inflicted if they were made to be this close together.

Our neighbors with the 8 kids were 3 days from moving into their newly built custom home when tragedy struck. Some rags with stain and chemicals somehow started a fire. A fire-fighter neighbor noticed smoke pouring out a window... He figures the temperatures in the house was about 350 degrees. Everything plastic melted including water pipes. Everything else was smoke or water damaged. So sad. Only some granite counter tops were saved. They won't get to move in until March, now.

PS.Twibling Rivalry Update:

Found out I'm not the only mother with these troubles. Posting a  link here.
So, my kids don't actually call each other names. They call me names. Their aggression is generally passive aggressive in nature. James will kick Missy or elbow her on the sly as he walks by. She will respond with a scream and yell his name so that everyone will know she has been WRONGED. One will be standing by the sink to rinse their lunch plate and "innocently" BLOCK the other child access to the trash can and a fight will break out. They jockey for first position at all times and for who gets in the bathroom first and who gets the coveted car seat (both car seats are both exactly alike and there are 10 possible places to situate them). Pushing and shoving or taking things is all done without a word from James. Missy is loud and retaliatory, but she isn't always the victim - as much as she would like us to believe it.

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