Monday, November 11, 2013

Spoke Too Soon

My van is no longer teetering on the far edge of the garden....

YES, in the efforts to get it out it managed to walk it's way through every row on that end of the garden.

Thanks to Brian, Jon, Jonah, and Sam and their tractor -
I was able to load it up with my Five Hundred Kids... 
(that's what I jokingly call this tribe)
and take the beast to the car wash.

I found this when I got it the driver's seat:

Missy blew up big time today. Vanessa and I had to call for Christina's help when we tried to contain her and I ended up down with her on top of me. We busted up laughing because I could not break free and Vanessa could not pull her off and she's all of 60lbs. Meanwhile the kid was kicking her hardest and screaming like we were attacking her. In all seriousness Vanessa said, " I think we better take a course in self-defense".  I'm thinking it's not a bad idea. Somehow we have know how to handle a sudden raging body without getting hurt or hurting her. We ended up putting her in the shower and turning it on and eventually having her lie in the warm bath  half clothed and I would not let her out until she was completely calmed. I swished the water up over her chest and talked to her and would not let her spew hateful words. Pretty soon she got too hot and I let her stand up to cool off in a cold shower. Then down again until she was relaxed and rational and read to get dressed in dry clothes for horse back riding. When she got home she wanted to go straight to bed.


rosedel said...

I read your posts and I always pray for you. It probably would be a good idea to learn the "holds" that can contain but not hurt, anybody. I'm glad your van is free and that there are good, positive things happening.

Vertical Mom said...

A class in passive restraint would probably be good for you all. People who work in the mental health field learn this technique. Perhaps you can find a class near you? Praying for you all. Poor Missy, she's so tortured by herself.

Oldqueen44 said...

Simply amazing.
What that must look like to a person that does not understand!
...Missy is tortured by herself.
You definitely need the prayers people send your way.
Hang in there.