Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Thankful Tree

Small tokens of love
make it worth
all the 
Tears. Fears. Trials. Struggles. Prayers.

Best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry...

Our day did not go as planned.

There are broken water pipes causing all kinds of trouble outside. Steve has been knee deep in mud almost all day. Every time he gets close to the source of the problem the walls of sand and mud give way burying everything all over again.

Our day did not go as planned.

A certain little boy ran away from his dad in a fit of rage.
Steve was looking for him.... and had no idea the kid had run away, away....
He thought he might be hiding on him,
or being his stubborn self, but he had no idea James was away out on the highway.
A sheriff picked him up and locked him in the back of his ghost car.
It brought him to his senses. 
He actually gave the officer my phone number
and told the truth ~
That he'd been disobeying his parents and had run away.

Over and over we've been dropping to our knees in a circle and praying the last couple days.
It's been rough X's 2.

Thankfully the office gave the kiddo back to us.
Wouldn't let him out of the car until he promised to respect and obey his parents, though.

From there we took the twins to a friend's house for a few hours respite.
To give us all a little space
and a little peace.
They came home in time for Thanksgiving dinner and to help decorate
our Christmas tree.
They came in ready to resume fussing and pushing their agenda, but
I made it clear we would have NONE of it today.
They would be congenial and obedient or they could spend the day in their room.
They chose to go with the flow.

That was my thankful tag
and that this morning's crazy was not worse than it was.

Missy's Thankful tag.

Still praying for Steve working out in the cold and dark and muddy mess.


Oldqueen44 said...

OMG... Sorry to hear how things are going. Hope Steve is out of the mud by now.

That was a scary decision James made. Hope he never does that again.

Emily said...

Oh wow...what a day! I'm so thankful it ended that way for James. Maybe it was a wake-up call for him. Praying for Steve. I've watched my dad struggle through a similar thing with water pipes and it is NOT FUN.