Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm Still Here

We are all fighting sickness. Miserable bad colds.
I've been bored with my blog, but we've been busy. I found a pinterest solution for my kitchen window.  Bought a roll of garden cover burlap from Lowes and turned it into curtains for both windows. Christina made the vases by paper-bagging old jars and then she brought in a piece of barn board from behind our barn and it covers the unfinished window sill quite nice!! I like it. I Know, I know.... but really truly the orange is a different tone on the walls than in the picture. I like my orange walls!

Then I went searching for a Christmas materials to build a wreath for the front door. I love fall....
Anyway, this collection should turn into a wreath soon...
Maybe when Brianna gets here. She comes home TODAY!!!

Missy came home with a spelling award yesterday. 
You can know we awarded the award!

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Barbara said...

I love your burlap window dressing. It would work here. I want to make a wreath from my giant rosemary bush before it freezes. I am trying to start rosemary and lavender. Maybe next fall I'll have even more to decorate with. Natural decorations are beautiful.