Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Turned the Corner

My prediction came true. PTL!  Missy turned the corner. She couldn't get any worse off, she had to get better. She was reasonable all day yesterday!!
 YAY ! 

Unless you have lived this you have no idea.
BUT I thank you all for your words of encouragement and prayers.
Especially the prayers!

She was tired of isolating herself and missing all the fun. She wanted me to make her a costume for the homeschool History Night and I had plans to do so, but when she takes up all my time with nonsense there's not much time for such frivolities. James is dressing up like Daniel Boon and so I was going to make her a bonnet and an apron to go over a simple dress and she would be Rebecca Boon. Well, that isn't going to happen now, but after an awesome good day yesterday I went and dug in the church Christmas pageant costumes I have made and found her something. She might be a Bible character. I don't think it matters to her much who.

Today she motored through her chores - slowly, but she still beat James by a longshot. The chart is quite helpful. We are liking it a lot.James actually did not finish his chores this morning.  He skipped his therapy. I didn't have to say anything about it. The evidence speaks for itself. There is no fuss from me.He'll go for a little run this evening with his dad to "Strengthen his mind and his body". 
They are suppose to say that after a good run,"Thank you, Dad, for strengthening my mind and my body." Ah, yeah.... it doesn't come out so naturally . . . :-) But it is good to be reminded why they are exercising.

I went for a walk with Cindy this morning. She's reminding me to do the Nedley program and is giving me a kick in the pants to do so. I've been struggling. We're headed towards winter (which I do not like at all) and we are parenting some very challenging kiddos.... top that all off with this being the first year I'm home alone during school hours. I've been homeschooling for 15+ years.... and I'm missing having the girls home A LOT! I've been finding myself wandering around not accomplishing anything and totally not caring either. Not really a good sign. All the things I thought I was going to do with my time.... blah! Who cares. I've lost interest and can't seem to connect any sort of meaning to much.

The kids have a music recital tonight. Oh, and I've collected two more kid violins for Brianna to take to Africa with her. A friend in TX sent one yesterday and Paul gave us a 3/4 yesterday. That's 4 with a possibility of another 1 or 2. She has an idea to teach more than the nieces.  Some might think that she will only be there for some months, what's the point? But every music lesson is worth it. Every practice is worth the time it takes even if someone does not go on to become a musician. It is amazing what it does for the brain. You would actually be surprised at what Missy can do with her violin. So, anyway, we shall see how Brianna's idea pans out.


Oldqueen44 said...

Allow yourself time to adjust to the change in your days. It is hard having the big girls gone and doing their own thing when they are your built in friends and support. They get it and they understand. But your mama heart is feeling the loss and you have to learn to move to the next phase of parenting. Glad Missy is doing better.
Love what they have to say after a run.
When my kids were young and being sassy, if they complained when told to do something I made them say, Yes Mom, I will be glad to. Ha Ha...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cindy - got to nip the blues in the bud before it gets much harder to deal with. Glad Missy is doing better! We're home AT LAST! More than a week of travel and I am exhausted. Spent the night at mom's place last night - she's doing well. The girls are looking forward to having Brianna here!

Love, Antionette