Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Avoiding Competition

I felt like a competitive spirit was a major issue in causing the total breakdown yesterday. It put Missy between a rock and hard place because she couldn't not beat her brother when he was doing well and be at odds with us at the same time. Today we turned things around. I had her eat while James did therapy. Then James ate while she did therapy. They were on completely different timelines. It seems far from ideal.... but it worked. She could still play her little games, but the element of competition was absent and a crises was averted. Both kids were standing by the tree waiting for the bus early for the first time in weeks. YAY!

Missy actually chose her own clothes without a big ceremony this morning because I didn't get to it in time. I guess she would rather choose clothes and be dressed than go to school in pajamas again. I visited the teacher yesterday. She said the morning was hard because Missy was embarrassed about her state of attire. I guess that's good. I'm concerned about how things are going at school. They've given into her some.... she no longer goes to a special reading class during reading time because she won't cooperate. She still has a 30 minute reading time just outside her classroom door at the beginning of the school day.  She doesn't want to be singled out and led off to a different class so they came up with this? Integration in a regular classroom will not ever bring her up to grade level.... so says the teacher. She doesn't feel that her needs are being completely met. She is not being prepared for the challenges for what lays ahead. HOWEVER, I am not sure that it is possible for them to do anything differently. When she starts her avoidance techniques everybody is stumped. So am I.

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