Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hindsight/ Ants and Slugs and Bunny Rabbit Food

My post on Homeschooling Hindsight was the most commented on post ever. I received a lot of emails on it and it even made its way to facebook somehow. I thought it surely must have been the most read blog post I had ever posted, but I just decided to check and no, it is the 2nd most read post. The most read post was on Ants and Slugs and Bunny Rabbit Food... of all things!

Sometimes I get tired of writing about our struggles with the twins, but for some reason I feel compelled to write it down and somehow I am able to see more clearly when I do so. Someday I might be able to move on to more encouraging topics. Or maybe I'll be sharing with you amazing victories and lovely new growth in the twins because I believe it has been promised. It's a rough road now. And it's a longer road than anyone ever dreamed... I have to look back and see how far they have come. It seems every time they make strides we raise the bar and sometimes we forget just how much God has done in their lives. We can't forget they are kids who have been hurt and damaged for years.... their healing won't happen over night.

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Emily said...

I'm so glad you post about your journey...especially the struggles. It's the posts about the struggles that help others--like myself--remember that we are not alone in the battle. It's good to know that you understand the daily grind of parenting kids from hard places. I draw courage from you. I've tried so many of the things you have tried because you shared your ideas. I pray for you every time I read your blog. I love when you do get to post about the victories--like both kids at the bus stop on time, clothed, and sane. I look forward to reading more posts like that. In the slow going times, keep on posting. They've come SO far and you're doing a great job...even when you hide in the shower. =)