Monday, July 1, 2013

Where Did the TIME GO??!!!! {Graduation}

Where does the time go?Wasn't this picture just taken a few weeks ago?
Isabelle, Sam, Brianna, Ellie, (Christina), Jonah, Vanssa, Natalie
How do we get from that to this so fast?

Ellie, Christina, Natalie, Vanessa, Sam, Brianna, Dakota, Isabelle, Jonah, Kenzie
These were all homeschool/ church chums throughout their childhood.

Last evening we celebrated the achievements of 4 of our youth.

Consider their high school years gone forever! Three of them also have their AA degree because they actually did their last two years of high school in college (Running Start). They have their pre-requisits out of the way for their chosen field of study.
Vanessa - Nursing
Brianna - Education (maybe. That one is up for review :-)
Natalie -Chemistry professor and researcher (beyond my maybe I don't have this quite right. This I know, she has a specially gifted mind for the world of science. )
Jonah - Professional, specialized welder.... He's been doing an apprenticeship in customizing vehicles, etc... and finished up high school.

The rest of the gang from the second photo:
Dakota - one more year for her highschool/ AA degree in Running Start
Christina and Sam: Begin Running Start
Ellie, Isabelle and McKenzie: Homeschooling

We could not be more proud of our children.
They love the Lord
and are preparing for service.
We could not ask for more.

This week Jonah, Sam, Dakota and Christina leave for Youth for Jesus (along with Garhett and Kendall)

Last evening we were made keenly aware that this next generation of children
won't be children long.

The three families that celebrated their graduates have also adopted....
so basically we are on round two
and we are a lot more  aware of how fleeting time is.
Enjoy them while you have them!

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