Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I know. This is a weird thing to write a post about, but if you have been following long enough, you know this is a victory!

BOTH James and Missy came to breakfast.

YUP! That's pretty big news around here. EVERY morning is a battle for or against routine - depending on whether you are the parent and older siblings, or if you are one of the twins. I could cry most mornings. I walk on eggshells hoping to get the results I'm looking for. If I push they push back. If I keep my mouth shut and allow them to go with their inclination it only results in them begging for breakfast long after the restaurant has been closed, like 11 AM. It feels like a total sabotage of my efforts at a normal family routine with time for worship and time for meals together and then time to work with them on their reading, or therapy or even fun projects. We have been pretty consistent for the three and half years they have lived here except for when we have been trying a new approach. Summer is harder... there's no bus to catch or school to miss, but that doesn't mean I didn't have a plan for their benefit.

Celebrating today. They came to breakfast after performing their little chores.

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