Friday, July 5, 2013

Light Bearers. { love }

We are blessed, so very, very blessed to be here at Light Bearers. We arrived here in Oregon Wednesday evening with our fan dangle tent trailer, my sister and all our kids, minus Christina. We are studying through the book of Acts chapter by chapter, verse by verse and we have been enjoying rich, abundant blessings.

This is a beautiful place for a Campmeeting. The grounds are lovely... The fellowship sweet. There are extra tidbits of niceties such as fruit being served after meetings. There was even a magnificent fireworks display which is likely as good or better than they do on the river at home. The fact that we were sitting directly under the display made it all the more amazing I'm sure. It is quite incredible that they would go to such lengths for us!

Tonight we were treated to a report from Kibidula, Africa by Bill Ross. He and his family work alongside my brother and family. Light Bearers provides books, bibles and literature to their project and to the Bible  workers that go out from Kibidula. It's a cool thing to see how we are a part of a big picture. Our regular donations go through our church and on to Kibidula to help pay for the  salaries of the local Bible workers trained and hired by Kibidula to spread the Gospel in Tanzania. Light Bearers provides the books ... And this week we were able to tour that very printing press. He did not dwell on it, but We know the sacrifices of Bill and his family as missionaries. Most significant sacrifice of which is being separated from their oldest teenage   daughter so she can get an education in Canada as they serve. 

There was an interesting video shown of the latest Bible worker graduation class marching and singing. I admit to being totally distracted by the height of the giant my brother tells about. The guy's head must be in the rafters when he walks in a house. Unbelievable!

Bill shared a quote both Steve and I scrambled to record. After contemplating it a moment I realized this quote was on a card given to us  for our wedding 20 some years ago by another missionary to Africa, Patty Stapleton. This kind of love spoken of in the quote should not just be for missionaries in foreign fields but those at home, in our families and shared in the  communities where we are placed to serve.  Here's the quote:

“Love is a plant of heavenly origin, and if we would have it flourish in our hearts, we must cultivate it daily. Mildness, gentleness, long-suffering, not being easily provoked, bearing all things, enduring all things—these are the fruits upon the precious tree of love.” R&H,  June 5, 1888

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