Friday, July 12, 2013

Trying Something New

With Missy today. I am not going to talk at all unless she speaks to me ... No asking her to do what she needs to, nothing. No directing her. No offering anything. My very existence calls for her resistance so I'm going to see what she will do without me mothering her. It seems a conundrum as she drives people crazy with "missing" me when I run to town and stuff.  She's in a bad state. My only hope for her at the moment is that she is alive. 

Will be back with updates.

So far she got out of bed at 8:30. 
She came out of her room at 9:28. 
She has not spoken to me yet.
At 8:40 she asked where everybody went.
At 9:50 she asked for a hug. She said "I love you " but the hug as board like.
At 10:17 she started to ask if she could do ... ( her chores?) but stopped and changed her mind.
10:30 she decided to use the bathroom. Yay for bowels that are healing enough to do their job. I could not resist. I told her to wash her hands.
10:40 she asked for juice, which I denied because that is for special occasions. She filled a glass with water and proceeded to sip it for 20 minutes. And she asked what was for breakfast. I did not answer because an hour before she had asked what we had for breakfast.
10:57 she decided to go outside in her pajamas.
At 11:15 she announced she had fed the animals and was going to make her bed and get dressed. In less than 15 minutes she appeared dressed and combed. Now what?
At 11:30 she asked for breakfast. I reminded her she had not done her exercises yet. Normally we do them after breakfast but at this late hour they would have been done by now. Here's where trouble starts. I had to correct her exercises..... As in laying on the floor while the timer ticks away doesn't count.


Mama in Uganda said...

I am so is day two of "peace" with our toughie....this is a calm after a two month storm...we will see how long it takes before the winds start blowing, and the tempest rears its ugly head.

C Dawn's bucket said...

I'm sorry. It is so hard when they want to engage negatively. Would it work to simply stop the timer without saying a word unless she asks, then reply that you'll begin the timer as soon as she is doing the exercises correctly or working hard or whatever. Then try to keep obviously busy with something until she makes the corrections when you will start the timer again without saying a word. (There is a student I work with that I have to use this method of indirect correction with because direct correction always blows up).

I hope things improve. I think of you often.


Oldqueen44 said...

Love what Cynthia said.

I bet you are really pulling at her heart strings even though she will never admit.

Kathy C. said...

Hang tough. Don't back down. Healing is hard work.