Sunday, July 28, 2013


Tomorrow is the day they begin putting in our carpet, so today we get to move everything out and pull up the old finally . . . You will understand how happy we are that it is only  going to be 88 degrees today instead of the 99 degrees we've been enduring with our dead A/C.

Nearly every Friday, even though I have told them I'm pretty much done, or at least taking a good long break to get our life back in order, I get a phone call from DSHS asking me to consider children, short term, or long term. It's fairly easy to say no when the description of the child goes like this: "He is 12 yrs old and he has this *major issue* and this *major issue* and this other *major issue* has escalated to the point he's had to be removed from his current foster home because of the acting out, but he's a cute little thing." Cute little thing does not negate the danger to my own "cute little things". However, it breaks your heart to hear . . . and all weekend long he's on our mind and we are reminded that Christ died for that one, too and Christ's heart breaks at his story. It's not as easy to say no when the call is about innocent tiny little people caught in the whirl of the destruction of their family at no fault of their own. BUT it is even more crushingly difficult when you find out from a state worker at church that these very children are holed up in a hotel room for the weekend with their social worker because there isn't enough foster homes in the Valley and they are waiting for the paperwork to come through to ship them out of town and away from good family connections. . .ugh!

I had the Duckling all day yesterday. He's spoiled rotten. Won't go to anyone but me except on his terms. He's a heavy thirty pounds when I have to carry on my hip most of the hike! BUT he's thoroughly cute and funny. We enjoyed a lovely easy hike with the church group and a potluck supper.  I was blessed.

My sister left Friday for Young Disciple Camp to experience the weekend there with them and then she's off to the Yukon.

We made a LOT of apricot jam Friday. The plums are on now.

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