Thursday, March 17, 2016

In-home Caregivers

We have used in-home caregivers on and off for the last few years paid for through the Department of Developmental Disabilites. We've had a variety of caregivers. Some are worth their weight in gold. Others are more work than the kids are by themselves.

Our one gal just went on maternity leave.  She was perfect for us. She's been calm, confident, dependable and the she's not manipulated by the twins. She enjoys cooking with Missy - which is perfect. It was a bonus that she is vegetarian, too, as she was used to our kind of food.

The young male caregiver is just that,  young.  He's laid back and easy going and the kids trample all over him. They manipulate him to death. He does not recognize how they get what they want. He's fun and goes out of his way to try and do fun stuff like making volcanoes with them and playing tag, etc... Nice guy. But Missy is ALL over him. I had to talk to him about not letting her push the boundaries. I also talked to the agency. She is not allowed climb on his back and hold his hand, etc... She is something else around him. She gets so intense for his full attention that pretty soon her voice is LOUD, High Pitched and insanely irritating.

When the gal went on maternity leave they put the young man in her shifts as well as his. I had to call and tell them I cannot handle that much of him. It's not really him... it's his inexperience. So, I guess we are about to be introduced to a new gal.

I wish we could go back to Twyla. She was here for a few years. I had gotten her when I requested the agency find me someone with grey hair. She was lame, so Missy could get out of her reach and would throw tantrums for her because she had expectations.... She was calm and would wait. Missy would eventually come around.

I wonder what kind of caregiver the agency is sending us this time?