Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Today the twins have lived with us for 6 years.

As of last week the twins are 12 years old.

Today we started Missy on a mood stabilizer. I can only hope and pray it helps her even out.

She is crabby three weeks and half way decent one week each month.

James is much more unpredictable.  Mostly he can be okay.... but when he flips out we struggle to get him back. IF the mood stabilizer helps Missy we shall be going back to the doctor to try him on it, too.

I really have no desire to write about the twins and this part of our life.

LOTS of other good things are happening, though. Sometime I'll write more.


Emily said...

Miss your blog.

Kelly said...

J is on Abilify. Made a big difference for him. Was the med that enabled us to keep him home as long as we did. Not sure what Missy is taking but if it's not Abilify you might try it if what she is taking doesn't work. Meds are tricky as every child is different but don't give up and don't feel bad for trying meds. Also a mood stabilizer might not work for Missy but it might work for James. Don't wait to see if it helps her before giving James a chance on it. Just my two cents. I hope you find something that helps!!

Annie said...

It always seems to me that writing helps..... For one thing I get a lot more clarity when writing things down....