Wednesday, March 16, 2016

About the Meds

So, Missy has not screamed since she has been on the meds. She has not been groveling in her misery day after day, hour after hour and we are seeing a lighter side to her. She nearly lost it this morning at James, but for some reason she was able to reign it in at the last second. And this is how it has been. It is so, so much easier to live with.

However,  the medicine prescribed her is NOT a mood stabilizer as I had asked for. I am not a medical person.... I did not know what I was picking up at the pharmacy the day it was prescribed. It had some weird name I did not recognize at all and  I took the doctor's word for it and gave it to her.

Turns out it is plain old Prozac.

Great! I don't see a long term benefit to a child taking Prozac. Especially for a child who seems to ride the waves, as it were. If she has any kind of bi-polar disorder it could in the end make it worse for her. It could make her manic and we have seen manic a few times in the last few weeks. We've seen talking nonstop in a high pitch tone very loudly, with incredible intensity a handful of times.

What I was looking for was something that might supply the lack in her brain chemistry. 

James is in his slump and has been for a few weeks. He's in tears every single time we ask him to move a finger. He's refusing to do his school work, skipping chores, avoiding tasks, acting helpless, refusing to answer me, even waving me off with his hand and walking off. He's building towards a blowup. I have a mental health evaluation appointment scheduled for both of them.  This is for them, but it is just as much for me, for our family.

We have seen many good things coming out of homeschooling, but having this intensity of moods and stress takes its toll. I need to put them in school next year if I can find an appropriate setting. Public school is not it.


Emily said...

Have you started asking around for another doctor yet? I still think you need a second opinion. Lexi isn't bipolar, but she's taking an atypical antipsychotic. It doesn't solve her issues, but it DEFINITELY helps.

acceptance with joy said...

I have an appointment with a mental health provider. I'm waiting to talk to the before I look for a new doctor.