Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Registered for School

Missy is all registered for school.

She's one excited kid. She starts the last day of August.

There's a certain amount of information that is not shared with her until it is necessary. She's had a lot of doctor appointments and therapy appointments and such so I pretty much have had to talk in front of her so she figured out some things about her new school year. The school is  right across the street from our church. It's a beautiful school. We realized that she figured out which school, but she missed some important details.... namely, she is not attending a regular 6th grade class. She had her little head in the clouds yesterday thinking about what she imagined her school year was going to be like. She has heard a lot about 6th grade from Isabel. At first she acted mad about going to this school when she heard about it at the therapist office. She had a full pity party and pout about it  in front of the therapist until I reminded her she knows the special ed bus driver. That helped. Then after the doctor's visit yesterday where we again discussed school and some concerns she was super excited. It suddenly occurred to me mid story of her dreams of being in plays and band and sports that I hadn't told her anything about where she is actually going. The resource room with about 3 other special needs kids somehow just doesn't have the same appeal. I tried to explain that she's not actually able to do the work that they do in 6th grade, that she's just learning subtraction and the books she can read easily are 2nd grade level. She was totally stunned and crying foul. I reminded her that she doesn't yet follow directions, or do what people ask her to do so she will need a special helper at school to guide her along and to help her to do her best. She was solemn all evening. I think maybe the full range of emotions is being applied as her way of processing everything.

We have a new doctor for her. This lady is good. Her daughter and Bri took violin from the same music teacher so I was somewhat familiar, but Steve works with all the doctors around here. So he's knows her.


Kelly said...

So glad you have a new Dr. you like... So important! and thrilled about the new school. I hope she has a great year and the school is just the perfect fit for her!!

Laurel said...

I am so glad that you have found a place for her. Praying you all through this new transition.

Thinking of you and praying for you as the fires are in your area this week.