Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Good Old Golden Rule Days

Tomorrow is the big day.

I'm super excited. I could do the happy dance... and I just may, after the bus leaves tomorrow.  I think Missy is, too. I hope she is. Having her home all day, every day when she is unmotivated and sitting is not good for any of us. She needs stimulation and she needs to take interest in life. I think that school will do that for her.

I cleaned out her room and removed the dresser. I also removed the top bunk off her bed. I re-evaluated her bedding and put ONE blanket on the bed. It's warm enough and it will make it way easier to make it. There are no toys in her room except one stuffed animal for on her bed.  Simplicity makes life so much less overwhelming.

I put her dresser in my closet and all her clothes are matched into sets and put into zip lock bags. Each morning she will find a set of clothes ready to go in the bathroom. Her hair has been cut into a pixie to make the hair job go faster. She has been learning to take her shower at night instead of in the morning like she tended to do. She also feeds the cats at night, now. I have made arrangements to send breakfast to school so that we do not have the breakfast fight anymore. Also, the special ed teacher will work with her on brushing her teeth after meals. SO THAT should take the struggle out of our mornings, I hope. The only thing she will need to do is get to the bus on time. I can see her making that the issue of the day, but I am praying she doesn't.

I made a big deal about homework at the teacher mtg. I told the teachers that outside of reading for a few minutes every evening she won't be doing homework. I told them that when she gets home she needs time to play outside, then time to do her evening routine and eat and that is ALL she can handle. Just living LIFE takes all day, and adding the pressures of homework - of me being expected to administer homework, is asking for a daily power struggle and putting unnecessary stress into her day. They understood and accepted that.

Today we make applesauce... It will be an all day event. BUT I do need to line up some packable meals for school breakfasts and lunches, buy a new toothbrush and paste and we are set. Her backpack is ready and her school supplies waiting. Here we go!!


Emily said...

Praying this is a good fit for her, and that having her at school during the day brings you some rest and relief. <3

Katie Bidleman said...

She is going to do fine. They will have her figured out soon enough. Be of good cheer momma. You have done well.

Jennifer P said...

This all sounds so positive. Hugs!

Oldqueen44 said...

Minimizing life. Way to go.