Monday, May 30, 2016


It's gardening season. 
We work hard. 
End of story. 

Well, okay. Maybe not the end of the story, but some days it might just feel like that!!

I'm trying to find ways to teach James to think about how he responds and acts in many situations. Here's an example of one of my "hair" brained ideas....
It works actually. I need to do it more. You can imagine it takes time, though.

This little man had a birthday. He's 4. 
He's gone through a bit of a rough patch with anxiety that distressed me greatly.
There's a whole story to this...
suffice to say CPS once again got involved on account of the daycare, 
but good came out of it and was the push his family needed to 
pull him out of daycare. The anxiety has calmed right down.
I don't believe anything bad happened to him and neither did the investigator, 
he just needed out of that daycare to play and be a kid at home.
His brother was also pulled and it's noticeable the difference already.
I had offered to be a resource for daycare hours, but the family figured it out themselves and gave me the offer to have them whatever day I desire to go pick them up and spend some time with them.

 He's finally old enough to enjoy our backyard zipline.

There's much to say. 
But I need to go take care of the greenhouse.
Stay tuned.

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