Friday, February 6, 2015

This Week

Monday went well.

Tuesday went well.

Wednesday went okay but she pushed the envelope just a wee bit.

Thursday she did not even try. And we endured a horrific rage. It wasn't hard for me to stick with my resolves to not let her get away with it. She moved some logs from the upper property to the barn at the bottom of the drive. She raked leaves, she washed the doors where she beat them with her muddy boots and cleaned the porch. She got to go to Pathfinders and that may have been our mistake. She figured she was scott free.

Friday, today,  was half-hearted. She made some effort, but just enough to make it look like she might have her act together. It was HARDER, much harder to stick with the plan. I wanted her to go to school and working with these kids sometimes seems so futile. . . I asked Steve what I should do and he said, "make a plan and stick with it." So, I did because I already had the plan I was just getting tired of it myself!! :-) Today she washed dishes, raked another section of leaves... the tree still seems to be dropping  dead leaves providing us with a good job for her. She folded laundry. She was hoping - really hoping we were going to have company tonight. Nope.

Steve and James have gone to the Men's Retreat at the church camp. The speaker is Pavel Goia so we know it's going to be good. James was a pickle to deal with until they finally left. He's been sick with a cough that won't quit and we were hemming and hawing over whether or not he should go and that put him in full anxiety mode. He could not cooperate for anything. When I started packing his clothes he resumed his good behavior.

The house is clean. The girls are all home. It's a quiet evening.

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