Monday, February 2, 2015

New DAY!

Missy is cheery this morning, and she's getting ready for school.

It's a  record.

She is no longer grounded and we have swimming planned for tonight.

IT's been a LONG week for her. I had arranged for the care-giver to come extra, but she fell on her bad hip and we didn't even get her for the usual times. The poor lady has a rough time... but I won't let them send any other care-giver from the agency. If we can't have her we do without. She knows Missy and can usually get her to do a craft or something with her on the hardest of days.

Missy has raked a lot of leaves for me. There are a lot more out there, but I would mark off a section and that would be her project of the day.

Today, our plan is that if I get a text from the teacher that Missy is not cooperating I will go and get her and take her home. She knows and she agrees. She worked hard to get to breakfast because she knew I would not take her to school if we had obedience issues. She is also on the line regarding the Pathfinder club. If she can't do her school work then we won't be adding club work to her list of duties...

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Kelly said...

go momma! counting your blessings today. Love it!