Thursday, February 19, 2015

11 years Old Today.

 The twins are 11 today.

Things have been going good. It has been amazing. I was basking in how wonderful it was that they were doing so well.

And then today showed up.

James was celebrating by raging for no apparent reason at all.

He did not eat breakfast. He did not get on the bus, and sadly,  he did not run away, either. (That's kind of a sad joke, but it would have been easier had he gone for a run in the trees and calmed himself down).  He just kept screaming and raging and spitting and smashing apples and beating on the door. I drove away for awhile, but he knew Vanessa and Christina were in the house, so it did no good. He was lock out to keep him from causing bodily harm.

So I had to call the school and they sent out Rhett to come and get him.

Strange how this stuff sucks the motivation out of me. I've done nothing since.

Missy loves her birthday. She wanted to take baby pictures to school today...  All the baby pictures I have are the ones Children's Hospital gave me on a CD. If I had known a day earlier I could have gotten them printed. Instead she had to be content with a little book I made from when she was 6 and first came to live with us. 

As for the birthday celebration... not sure where to go with it. My plans for baking a cake and all kind of fizzled. BUT they are twins. . . . she deserves her celebration even if he wants to sabotage his.


SDCleanHeart said...

Hi. Want you to know thatI pray for your family, and ask God for you to have patience, endurance, insight, and spiritual protection.

On another note: Just heard from Pacific Press that they are looking into reprinting Naughty Heart, Clean Heart. Won't have a final word on that for a few months. Seems like with Ted Wilson emphasizing righteousness by faith, it might be a good time for a reprint.

Susan Davis

acceptance with joy said...

Thank you Susan!! It's such a great little book that I think it would be very good to have on the book shelves again. Thank you for pursuing it yet again.

SDCleanHeart said...

Glad to hear from you. I didn't pursue it, actually. Another reader did. Called Pacific Press and said they should reprint it.

Last book printed was 2007, "I'm Adopted, You're Adopted" which was based on the story of our adopted Korean son, but put in a different setting. It was a sequel to "Never Again" (about death and resurrection). Because of that adoption,your blog has been very interesting to me. My daughter was having hard to place foster children for quite awhile and experienced many of the same behaviors you have recorded. I know in time, these children will respond well and will thank you for your patience and long-suffering with their processes.

God bless you.


Anonymous said...

It's true that these episodes suck motivation. I experience the same thing. Hope you were able to salvage some celebration of some kind anyway.

Annie said...

Birthdays are very, very hard for some children. Probably on a level they do not even understand it is a reminder that the person who gave birth to them is not with them, abandoned them, wasn't careful of them...or all of the above....and usually that makes them feel like they are worthless.

The best thing someone said to me one time is, "All behavior has meaning."

You say he smashed apples. That sounds to me as though he was trying to tell you that he felt smashed, worthless, destroyed.