Monday, September 12, 2016

A Struggle

My plan is to homeschool James. Unfortunately, all the ground we gained with him this summer is gone. Anything anyone asks him to do he will NOT do. Period. For example I asked him to do a task yesterday morning before he could work on changing the tire on his unicycle. He came back and said he did it and he got started on the tire. I went and checked and it wasn't done. This game went back and forth all day long, interspersed with long periods of screaming and stand-off. I had a care-giver for a few hours so I left the house. He continued the game.... I didn't come home until Steve could come home and he had just finally done the task. A 15 minute job at the most. If Missy hadn't been doing the same trick half the day, too, it might have been easier to handle. I was just so discouraged. How in the world does a person homeschool  a child who won't do anything I ask whatsoever?! I thought perhaps it was just me, but dad is home this morning and James won't do his barn chores. In fact last week we found he had not been feeding the chickens and telling us he was. There's no rhyme or reason. I may have to send him to the school, but he gets livid when I bring it up. Sorry, buddy, but a 12 year olds job is school.

I'm praying. That's the hope I have. I can't go on what I'm seeing because there's not a grain of sand's worth of hope in that.

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