Friday, April 1, 2016

In Home Care-Worker Solution

It was Easter morning when the new care-giver showed up. I was not prepared to meet with her... Steve had taken the kids with him thinking it was going to be a hard day after all our crowds of people coming and going all day every day since Thursday. He was thinking it would be kind of a let-down sort of day for the twins. He works in the transfer center on Sundays. Pretty much he is in an office by himself at the hospital all day. He decided to help me avoid any behaviors by waking them up early and taking them with him. Here I was about to leave with Brianna to do music at a church in the community and this care-worker shows up.

Let me just say that at first glance I was pleased, but after ten minutes of talking both Brianna and I were completely in agreement that this was NOT going to work. at. all.  I just about cancelled ALL care-workers right then and there. I was a tad freaked out by the experience. There was NO way this person was going to be spending one-on-one time with my kids. Period.

Not knowing anything about what had just transpired Steve texted me that it was going great at the office and the kids were doing school work and he thought this might be a great plan for the next several Sundays. He's been actively trying to find ways to be  more in their lives and this works.

We decided to just keep Justin as our care-worker and have him work with the kids on garden projects. We have tons of work to do and it goes along with our special emphasis of the kiddos learning more practical skills that will serve to make them useful to society. Steve figures it's a perfect solution to my lack of man-power and getting the kids to do more without wearing me out. So, yesterday, Steve,  Justin and the kids moved gravel, and burned the whole, huge  brush pile. Tuesday Justin helped me and Savannah clear the large overgrown flower bed out. He found some vines there and taught the kids to make really cool wreaths, too. So that was a bonus. The kids stick close to Justin and he keeps them on task... The weather has been perfect so everyone is glad to be outdoors.

We had a lot of fun Thursday with the Pathfinder club. Christina invited them all over to work on their candle making honor. We had 18 kids, I think. 

Our hike up Nahahum Sabbath
From behind the house this week.
Today I have an order of plants going to the feed store in town. I'm so excited because I need the room in the greenhouse!
Building new garden beds.

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~Melissa said...

Sorry about the bad experience with the care worker.

I am curious...are you adding bins or needing to replace the others? I am guessing you are adding them.

Great idea for Steve to help out on Sundays. I love his willingness to help!

May your Sabbath be restful and restorative!