Monday, October 5, 2015

Standing By. Claiming the Promises

I've been rather mixed up today. First I thought the twins both had dentist appointments at 8 this morning. Glad I figured out last night that the appointments aren't until Thursday. Then I was all prepared for the Department of Developmental Disabilities yearly Social worker visit at ten. I had to hurry my walk and shower and rearrange my schedule, but when she didn't show up I went back and looked and I am exactly a month early.

James is feeling mixed up, too.

I've taken over from Brianna so she could have a break from his mixed up behaviors. I'm standing by watching over him as he is in total shut down mode. He's not saying a word or uttering a sound. He doesn't want to do his assigned work and that is that. It could be a long day.

I've offered to talk him through it but he refuses to communicate. He knows what his choices will lead to. There's absolutely nothing to do but wait, and pray, and claim the promises that God will do something in this kid's heart and life.

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Thandi said...

Oh James...Hoping things improve...