Tuesday, June 16, 2015


After a very difficult couple of days with James where we ended up with a smashed window and other broken and destroyed belongings I made the snap decision to have him stay at respite while we went away for the weekend. This was our long awaited trip to the ocean. It was such a crazy busy start with Vanessa graduating from nursing school on Friday and us trying to get all our ducks in a row to be able to leave. Mostly we were trying to get the water automated on the gardens and packing for the trip. Packing for a trip for 12 people is no small feat.... especially when it comes to food, and then especially when you have the bright idea that it would be a good idea to feed the whole church (100 people) breakfast Sunday morning in honor of Vanessa's graduation! :-) Yes, our whole church was going on this retreat on the beach. Someone anonymous had rented every single cabin at Rosario for all of us. It was wonderful. Missy somehow is not half as intense when she's not with her twin so it was like have two less kids.  Our next leg of the journey took us to San Juan Island... We stood on the whale watching point and watch more orcas then I have ever seen. It was truly spectacular. We are home now. James was no worse for being left behind. He's matter of fact about it all and helped me clean the garage this morning. Missy on the other hand was as crabby as all get-out and screamed and cried MOST of the day over a 20 minute task I asked her to do. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. And you guessed right, I did not give in. She eventually decided to sweep the porch. It would have been easier before it got to almost a hundred degrees, but that was her choice.

My sister-in-law suggested I really needed to write again... You can see I'm really into it.  Ha! Sorry. I tried.

The kids.

Drakie was so into the whale watching!!

This girl. She was SICK, SICK... lost so much weight and was kind of sedate to say the least, but she is recovering.
I'm watching Drake run from the waves. I don't think he had ever seen the ocean before. He expected the water to stay put.


Laurel said...

You've been missed! I was hoping everything was okay. Glad you got away for a few days. I LOVE the islands.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing again!

Warm regards

Kat said...

Love when you write! I've been feeling a little like that lately too. Hugs!

Emily said...

Three cheers for respite, three cheers for the ocean, and three cheers that you're writing. Hugs.

QueenB said...

Yes, you have been missed. Thank you for writing. The pics are great, glad you were able to enjoy it and make it memorable for yourself and those to whom it mattered.

acceptance with joy said...

thank you!!

Jen said...

I've missed your posts! I have twins too, adopted from the foster system and when they are apart it is like having tow less kids too. It's amazing! Hope you post more!