Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Today was OT again. James' new goal is thirty minutes of continuous play on the obstacle course to increase endurance. He lasted 5 minutes. He was COMPLETELY winded. Done.  He is so weak in his upper body, arms and hands that he is FAR behind his twin in this area.

Missy continues to blow through all the goals.

This is really surprising to me. She's  the one who can swim best, ski best, jump the highest, etc... but I thought it had to do with her mindset and his total fear of everything. Intellectually he seems more on top of things, but apparently, according to the therapists she has WAY fewer struggles physically and does not have so many UN-integrated reflexes. That is a real surprise to me because we've always been told otherwise, but she is proving quite strong and determined.

My sister's kids are here. Today they were riding mountain bikes and doing jumps. Missy joined them... Let's just say she came out a little damaged and learned that 15 year old style of bike riding is seriously beyond what she should be attempting. :-)


SDCleanHeart said...


Your posts are so interesting. I really enjoy reading them. Ifeel for you and the children through the hard times, am glad for the good progress.

My mom adopted a child who was diagnosed when he was (in hia late 50s!) to have had brain damage from birth! He was a real hellion when we got him at age 8, and she prayed many prayers for that boy! And, she loved him. He might have gone a wrong route if he hadn't had a near fatal motorcycle accident that reset his goals. He recovered without disabilities, which was a miracle. He was in the Air Force 10 years, then got a job at Folsom Prison. At Mom's funeral, he patted her coffin and said, "If it hadn't been for Mama, I would have been a prisoner instead of a prison guard."

Keep going! God will be with you all the way.

Susan Davis
PS Pacific Press decided it wasn't worth it to reprint "Naughty Heart, Clean Heart" One day I will get new art and reprint it.

acceptance with joy said...

thank you for the encouragement. Sometimes we need to hear the good stories! God is good and we are seeing some good things happening.