Monday, March 30, 2015


Spring break is over for the college girls. Today they go back to school.  It wasn't long enough. There might have even been a few tears because it wasn't long enough, but the calendar moves on. There's only one quarter left for Vanessa and then she prepares to take the Nclex exam to become an RN!

Spring break for the twins is this week. Yesterday they were good and helpful and happy all day. It was nice. We worked together in the garden and yard. James really got into weed-whacking and mowing. The lawn mower is nearly dead. It can barely to do the flat part of the lawn in front of the house so Steve said the pasture had to be mowed with the weed whacker and since the kids are planning a "campout" in the pasture with Vanessa and the bonus kids for Thursday James is all gung-ho to get it mowed. What he doesn't know is his dad is bringing home a used riding lawn mower tonight! It's the kiddo's dream. He even asked for one for Christmas so this is going to be a good surprise.

Missy filled 4 inch pots with potting soil for me to transplant tomatoes into, and planted seeds for me in the square foot garden apple bins. Do you know how much coordination it takes to plant seeds? yikes. lol. I made the holes... and then I had to watch to make sure A single seed got into each hole. I only let her plant seeds that are large enough for her to handle.

The twins are in a good place right now. Hoping it lasts because visitors are coming today.

I'm a little stressed. I have to drive to Seattle to pick up my sister and her kids flying/busing from the Yukon. I'm a country bumpkin at best. City driving freaks me out. I'm taking Christina to help me navigate. She might end up driving!!  The nephews are staying for an extended period of time. . .

Coming back to the bonus kids (the little guys that used to be our foster children and their siblings)... They are doing very well. They are here often and they love it here, still. They have calmed right down and they are cheerful and joyful and enjoying just being kids. It's wonderful. Their dad is doing great with them and he and his parents and sister are doing an amazing job raising the kids.  BUT Their mother is not okay. She's in jail and she might be there a long time. She calls and calls and calls. Every time I answer it costs me 5 dollars... which is not in my budget multiple times a day, but I have been trying to encourage her to look to Jesus. However, I am not answering every call. She is desperate to find someone to pay the bond on her bail. It was only $250 as it is just small percentage of the bail. There is NOT a single soul in the whole wide world who would pay that for her. Not her biological father, not her adopted father, not her step-father, not her children's father, not friend or foe - and I've talked to nearly every one of them.  How sad of a story is that??!!  None of her begging or pleading or manipulating is getting her out of this one. No one believes that paying the bond will help her and no one will be party to enabling.  I had to tell her flat out, "It's not about the money at all. Anyone of us would give it to you in a second if we felt it would HELP you." I have never heard such frantic pleading for something that is in my power to give and yet I stand firm on the principle and turn a deaf ear. She's in for burglary, stolen vehicle and driving with a suspended license. The oldest child says, "Hi mom!" as they drive past the courthouse/jail. She believes her mother is safer in jail than out as drugs is the bottom line for that woman.

The weather has been unusual. We are a month ahead in every way. I try not to think what that means for August in terms of wild fire. We are just enjoying it to the fullest.

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